Swiftly Stunning!

Swiftly Stunning 16″ x 12″ Oil on Canvas

It was a summers weekend stay, with a last minute booking made. From the photo’s I had taken, this painting is the second in this topic of ‘Caravan Art’. For those of you that have stumbled across this blog, then, as a fine artist painting pets, I have turned my brushes into producing fine art imagery of my new passion of Touring Caravans.

The Old Barn in South Cumbria was the first CL site I had visited with my Swift Kudos. A chance to get to grips with using my own shower facilities as apposed to having the luxury of the well equipped shower blocks of the Club sites. This location for me wasn’t too far, you could say the site is only next door (being a Lancashire lad). It was a great location for me to experience a good few miles on my road bike with a ride to Barrow, taking the coastal route and I look forward to another stay in the summer of ’19.

This painting measures 16″ x 12″ and is produced on a fine cotton artist canvas and primed with gesso. The oils I now use are Artisan Water Soluble Oils, the change due to an increasing amount of painting at home where the turpentine wasn’t doing me any health favours.

The original photograph taken at Old Barn, Cumbria
Early stage of setting out the painting
Adding of colour
Almost finished.
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